Impact of COVID-19 on the Austrian Tourism and Leisure Industry in 2023

Based on the concept of the Tourism Satellite Accounts, tourism spending by domestic and foreign visitors in Austria in 2023 is estimated 35.9 billion €, 16.6 percent above the 2022 level. The resulting direct and indirect value-added effects amounted to 29.5 billion € (+13.8 percent compared to previous year), which contributes 6.2 percent to total GDP. With around 311,300 full-time equivalents (FTE; employees and self-employed), the tourism industry accounted directly and indirectly for 7.6 percent of total employment in 2023. Within the balance of payments travel services added up to +10.3 billion € in 2023 (+15.6 percent from previous year; exports +20.7 percent, imports +24.4 percent; in nominal terms, including international passenger transport). Austria's market share in nominal tourism exports of 32 European countries accounted for 4.1 percent in 2023 (3.9 percent in 2022), thus still ranked 8. Non-touristic leisure consumption by domestic inhabitants in 2023 was estimated at 53.2 billion € (+9.3 percent compared to 2022), generating a total value added of 37.3 billion € (+9.0 percent) with a GDP contribution of 7.8 percent and 367,000 FTE (9.0 percent of total employment).