Establishment of a sounding board for the advisory support of the implementation process of the labour market opportunities assistance system of AMS Austria

With the aim of using labour market policy instruments more effectively and efficiently, AMS Austria has developed the Labour Market Opportunities Assistance System. From 2020, this system shall provide additional individualised information and thus support counsellors in the selection of an individualised care strategy. In order to be able to deal in greater depth with the labour market policy strategy change to improve efficiency and effectiveness and the instruments that are suitable for implementing this strategy change, the BMASGK has decided to set up a "Sounding Board". The task of this scientific Sounding Board is to provide the BMASGK and the AMS with qualified feedback regarding the implementation of this change in strategy. Against this background, the Sounding Board is concerned with increasing clarity and transparency in connection with the introduction of the Labour Market Opportunities Assistance System, with a structured inclusion of scientific and labour market policy standpoints and with objectifying the debate on the Labour Market Opportunities Assistance System.