AMS Customer Segmentation as a Basis for Impact-oriented Labour Market Policy

The AMS is currently testing a data-based segmentation of unemployed clients with regard to their chances of re-employment (statistical profiling). In the future, a classification into three groups with high, medium and low reintegration prospects by means of a computer algorithm should support the control of the use of resources and contribute to a more efficient use of AMS resources. The aim of this project is to provide empirical evidence of effects in order to better assess the suitability of the planned customer segmentation as a basis for funding allocations and to support an evidence-based, effects-oriented and as cost-effective as possible labour market policy by analysing effect heterogeneity between the three segments on the one hand and independently of this division into three groups on the other. Three types of measures will be examined with regard to their effects on the labour market success of the recipients in the three customer segments: 1. company integration subsidies, 2. employment projects in the secondary labour market (socio-economic enterprises and non-profit employment projects), and 3. qualification. These are the "more costly" measures which are to be used less frequently in the future for people with low labour market opportunities.