Consulting contract with the Federation of Austrian Social Insurance Institutions (Hauptverband der österreichischen Sozialversicherungsträger)

The objectives of the research cooperation are (1) scientific analyses of socio-political issues, (2) advising the social insurance institutions on current topics in the form of scientific conferences (welfare state conference), (3) publishing and disseminating the results in specialised media. The scientific analyses cover the areas of: health (life expectancy of heavy workers, health status of older workers in Austria, biographies of the utilisation of health care services before disability and occupational disability pensions, social differences in life expectancy and associated health care expenditure, recipients of long-term care allowance and the social security system). labour market (changes on the labour market as a result of demographic change, incentive systems for the continued employment of older workers, de-standardisation of employment biographies and effects on old-age security) and social security (low-wage employment and social security systems, consequences of new forms of work for the financing of social security, starting points for a structural reorientation of welfare state financing, dimensions of platform work in Austria and Europe: implications for social security).