Quantitative Effects of ESI Funds in Austria: a Cross-Fund Analysis for the Full Period

  • Project lead:
  • Peter Mayerhofer

Since 1995, means from the European ESI funds or their predecessors have been applied in Austria. Based on this experience, our study examines the effects of these interventions (currently ERDF, EAFRD, EMFF, ESF) in a fund-wide and quantitative assessment. An explicitly spatial perspective is taken and an analysis is sought for the entire period of interventions (since 1995). Descriptive-statistical analysis on the scale and location of ESI interventions and their changes over time will be accompanied by model calculations on the macroeconomic effects of ESI funds interventions on value added and employment in the Austrian Länder, as well as by econometric analyses on the employment effects of these interventions at a rather small regional level.