A Typology of the Unemployed by Duration and Frequency of their Unemployment 2010-2013. Update, Regionalisation und Completion

Unemployment is highly segmented, with part of the unemployed being only short-term unemployed, while others being affected by recurrent and long-term unemployment. Frequent fluctuation between employment and short-term unemployment are typical for the Austrian labour market, as well. In this segment, the return to the former employer is of great significance. A new typology of the unemployed bases on data for 2010-2013 classifies individuals affected by unemployment by their cumulated spells of joblessness, the number of their spells and the duration of the longest spell in the past five years. On that basis, various forms and scopes of marginalisation can be distinguished and quantified. The typology reveals that recurrent und long-term unemployment has grown in importance since the financial market crisis.