Competitiveness of the European Cement and Lime Sectors

  • Project lead:
  • Andreas Reinstaller

The cement and lime industries are significant contributors to the EU economy in terms of GDP, employment and other economic indicators. They play an essential role in the supply of necessary inputs for other sectors of economic activity (e.g., construction). The central objective of this study is to provide a clear and up-to-date assessment of competitiveness of the EU cement and lime sectors. The study will deliver a diagnosis of both the current situation and future prospects for development of the competitiveness of each sector, thereby providing the EC with the necessary information and evidence to knowledgably engage with the sector in the development of policy. The assessment will encompass both non-regulatory and regulatory aspects of the competitiveness of the cement and lime sectors. For regulatory aspects, the study will specifically identify those regulations that are most important for the sectors and provide a quantification of the most relevant regulatory costs.