Agriculture, Food Security, and Climate Change: MACSUR Science-Policy Knowledge Hub (MACSUR SciPol)

The aim of the project is the development of solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation in an international cooperation for the direct applicability of the project results in the Austrian agricultural policy. For this purpose, stakeholders are involved in the research process in all phases of the project. In addition to scientific outputs, research results are presented as policy briefs in order to make action-oriented solutions directly accessible to decision makers. The novelty of MACSUR SciPol is the close alignment of national and international research approaches to support concrete decisions to achieve climate goals. MACSUR SciPol is also a further development of the successful concept of MACSUR I and II. In a first application phase, it will be carried out as a pilot experiment with a duration of 18 months. MACSUR SciPol not only networks scientists with each other, but also with decision-makers in business, politics and administration. The aim is to apply existing knowledge in agricultural sciences in the context of case studies and, where necessary, to generate new knowledge in a participatory manner in the context of agricultural policy and climate change. In this way, existing knowledge is to be secured and gaps in knowledge closed.