Development and Implementation of a Slovenian Dynamic Microsimulation Model. Technical Support

This project builds on and further develops the existing Slovenian dynamic pension microsimulation model DYPENSI. The purpose of the project is to ensure continuous research work on the development and maintenance of databases and model tools that will facilitate rapid and efficient responsiveness to the strategic and current needs of the institutions responsible for the economic policy in the important spheres of activity of the Slovenian government: the tax system and social contributions, the pension scheme, social transfers and the labour market. The goals of the project are to develop a microsimulation model of the labour market, to further develop the microsimulation model of social transfers, and to further develop the dynamic pension model. The project is co-financed by the European Union and the Republic of Slovenia. The role of WIFO is to provide technical support in the further development of the dynamic microsimulation model DYPENSI in the years 2018-2022.