FAMOS – A Comprehensive Mobility Services Guarantee (FLADEMO)

The transport sector in Austria will face major challenges in the coming decades, including climate change, effects of demographic and social change, and digitalisation. In particular, a transformation of the transport system is necessary to achieve climate neutrality. In the debate on ecologically and socially sustainable passenger transport, the supply policy in public transport is of great importance. A high quality of service has a significant positive impact on the choice of means of transport, especially in urban areas, and thus on energy consumption and emission levels. Outside the centres, however, new supply policy impulses must be set to provide better, more user-friendly services. The Comprehensive Mobility Service Guarantee (fMSG) is a strategic stimulus that can have an impact through the targeted development of public transport services as well as the integration of private services. The FAMOS study addresses the questions of how the idea of a de facto guaranteed mobility service guarantee can be brought to life in all sub-regions of Austria, what framework conditions are necessary for this and what effects an implementation would have.