Der volkswirtschaftliche Beitrag des Thermentourismus in Österreich auf Bezirks-Ebene

Based on the Study "The Economic Impact of Thermal Spa Tourism in Austria", these additional studies serve to show the economic effects at the district level. The additional studies are intended to show the economic effects that result from the ongoing operation of an individual thermal spa, as well as the various material and personnel expenses, for the districts concerned. In addition, such effects are also associated with the expenditures of visitors that are not made in the thermal spa operation itself: in addition to arrival and departure, guests request various other services, such as in gastronomy or in accommodation establishments outside the spa, or they use their visit to the spa for other leisure activities on site. In addition, local commerce benefits from vacation stays. The economic significance of the spa operation is derived from the total production, value added and employment directly and indirectly associated with the operation. The additional studies at district level were commissioned directly by individual spa businesses.