Market Potential Analysis of Public Procurement

In Austria, there is no comprehensive data on public procurement due to a lack of publication obligations. Microdata such as Tenders Electronic Daily (TED) only cover part of the procurement volume and macroeconomic statistics do not offer detailed analyses. To close this gap, WIFO has developed the "Synthetic-TED" dataset, which combines microdata from TED with macroeconomic data. This dataset enables sectoral analyses, carbon footprint calculations and the evaluation of measures such as the National Action Plan for Sustainable Procurement. This data set is now being further developed for the market potential analysis of Bundesbeschaffung GmbH in order to achieve a higher level of detail in the estimates. For example, the financial statements of the local authorities and other secondary data sets such as company balance sheets are used in the project. On the other hand, the more comprehensive tender data according to Bundesvergabegesetz 2018 (so-called core data) is used instead of the TED data in order to utilise a better statistical basis for the estimates.