WIFO Collaborates on Joint Diagnosis of the German Economy

Contract Awarded to Consortium with ifo Institute Munich for 2022 to 2026
WIFO will collaborate with the ifo Institute Munich in the preparation of the Joint Economic Forecast of Germany from 2022 to 2026. The consortium was commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection in Berlin at the end of June 2022 following a competitive tender.

The Joint Economic Forecast analyses and forecasts the economic situation in Germany and the world twice a year. It is produced by the leading economic research institutes in Germany and provides guidance for the economic policy of the German federal government. The Joint Economic Forecast is methodologically sounded in the best possible way through the cooperation of the participating institutes and the use of various theoretical and empirical approaches.

The collaboration on the Joint Economic Forecast takes place within a cooperation between WIFO and the ifo Institute in Munich in the field of economic research and forecasting. Within the consortium, WIFO is responsible for analysing and forecasting the international economy.