Tourism Analysis May to June 2020

Summer Preseason Starts with Massive Losses
With the reopening of tourist accommodation facilities at the end of May, tourism in Austria got off to a very slow start in June 2020: The number of guest arrivals was 61.5 percent below the comparable figure for 2019, and the number of overnight stays was 58.6 percent lower. For the summer pre-season from May to June 2020, this means an overall drastic decline in the quantitative demand (arrivals –73.9 percent, overnight stays –70.2 percent) and in terms of revenue (nominal –69.9 percent, real –70.2 percent).

The closure of the accommodation facilities at the beginning of April due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic was lifted on 29 May before Whitsun. Nevertheless, the number of both domestic (arrivals –31.5 percent, overnight stays –24.0 percent) and foreign guests (–76.4 percent and –73.8 percent respectively) was very restrained throughout June. This was due to the general uncertainty regarding a possible infection and the resulting consequences (quarantine) as well as to the fact that until 15 June entry into Austria was only possible under certain conditions and the continuing severe restrictions on air traffic by international guests. Together with the almost nationwide drop in demand in May (arrivals 91.8 percent, overnight stays 89.7 percent), a drastic decline in demand by a total of 73.9 percent (arrivals) and 70.2 percent (overnight stays) can therefore be observed for the 2020 summer pre-season – starting from the historic peak level of the comparable period in 2019 (around 7.4 million arrivals and 20.1 million overnight stays).