Strategic Plan for Common Agricultural Policy

Lecture by WIFO Economist Franz Sinabell
On 13 May 2019, the launch event for the Austrian strategic plan for a common agricultural policy (CAP) took place at the Raiffeisen-Forum in Vienna. This will set the course for the implementation of the CAP in the coming period of the multiannual financial framework from 2021 to 2027. WIFO economist Franz Sinabell explained the effects of the CAP in Austria to 300 participants.

The observed situation was compared with the results of a model simulation without the CAP and with the development of the agricultural sector in Switzerland. In his presentation Sinabell pointed out that the expected changes, such as strong price reductions, income losses and high need for adaptation to EU standards, had occurred.

However, many fears, such as the economic decoupling of rural areas, could be averted. The comparison with Switzerland shows that participation in the Common Market enabled higher production volumes, a higher increase in factor income and greater market integration.

More information about the event: https://www.bmnt.gv.at/fotoservice/Pressekonferenzen-Veranstaltungen-Fototermine/2019/gap_strategie/PGP_6319b.html