COVID-19: Analysis of the Social Situation in Austria

Preliminary Presentation with Minister of Social Affairs Rudolf Anschober
The COVID-19 pandemic is not only an immense challenge for public health, but also presents the social system with an enormous task. Rudolf Anschober, Minister of Social Affairs, has therefore commissioned WIFO and other research and university institutes to carry out a broad-based study on the social effects of the current crisis and to outline the need for further political action.

During a preliminary presentation with WIFO Director Christoph Badelt and IHS Director Martin Kocher on 1 October 2020, it became clear that many of the social policy measures already taken could prevent more drastic effects of the crisis, but that much remains to be done. The overall economic framework and macroeconomic developments as well as the effects on social security and the income of private households were the focus of the press conference.

Please find the complete press document here.

A recording of the press conference can be found here over the next seven days.