WIFO Research Services

The Research Service Division supports WIFO's Research Groups in the initiation, application preparation, implementation and documentation of national and international research projects and their results and outputs.

  • Overall coordination: Kristin Smeral
  • Monitoring of international and national calls for tender: Gwendolyn Kremser
  • Application management and coordination Research Service Circle: Gwendolyn Kremser
  • Project management: Kristin Smeral
  • Research data management: Lucia Glinsner and Anja Mertinkat
  • Quality assurance management: Birgit Novotny
  • Research information
    • Publications: Florian Mayr
    • Project database: Gwendolyn Kremser
  • Data protection: Anja Mertinkat
  • Library: Lorenz Pahr and Florian Mayr


The Research Service Circle, with members from each of the five Research Groups, are also available as contact persons or support in proposal and project development:

  • Research Group Macroeconomics and Public Finance: Nathalie Fischer
  • Research Group Labour Economics, Income and Social Security: Anna Albert
  • Research Group Industrial, Innovation and International Economics: Nicole Schmidt-Padickakudy
  • Research Group Regional Economics and Spatial Analysis: Birgit Schuster
  • Research Group Climate, Environment and Resource Economics: Katharina Köberl-Schmid

Further specific support:

  • Quality management support for EU applications: Anna Strauss-Kollin
  • Support for project assistance in EU projects: Martina Einsiedl and Nathalie Fischer