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in: Stephanie Thiel, Elisabeth Thomé-Kozmiensky, Daniel Goldmann, Recycling und Rohstoffe
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Online since: 07.10.2015 15:57
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Online since: 27.10.2015 16:17
Hermine Mitter, Martin Schönhart, Ina Meyer, Klemens Mechtler, Erwin Schmid, Franz Sinabell, Gabriel Bachner, Birgit Bednar-Friedl
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Online since: 15.04.2015 10:57
Ina Meyer, Stefan Schönfelder, Gerhard Streicher
in: Dirk Fornahl, Michael Hülsmann (Eds.), Electric Mobility Evolution – Theoretical, Empirical and Political Aspects
Book chapters, contributions to collected volumes, Springer, Wien, January 2015,
Online since: 20.04.2015 18:57
Energy Policy, 2012, (1), pp.66-74,
Online since: 15.10.2015 16:46
Michael Wüger, Kurt Kratena, Ina Meyer
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