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Weitere Publikationen der WIFO-Mitarbeiterinnen und -Mitarbeiter

Die umfangreiche Publikationstätigkeit der Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter des WIFO dokumentiert die enge Vernetzung mit der internationalen Scientific Community.

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Andreas Reinstaller, Chapter 4: Capturing incomes from global demand for manufacturing, in: Industrial Development Report 2018

Herausgeber: United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Andreas Reinstaller, Peter Reschenhofer, Using PageRank in the analysis of technological progress through patents: an illustration for biotechnological inventions

Scientometrics, 2017, (3), S.1407-1438,
This paper examines whether PageRank algorithms are a valid instrument for the analysis of technical progress in specific technological fields by means of patent citation data. It provides evidence for patent data in biotechnology. Recent literature has been critical with regard to the use of PageRank for the analysis of scientific citation networks. The results reported in this paper indicate, however, that with some minor adaptations and careful interpretation of the results the algorithm can be used to capture some important stylised facts of technical progress and the importance of single patents relatively well especially if compared to indicators based on direct inward citations only.

Andreas Reinstaller, Modularity and its Implications for the Theory of the Firm, in: Jackie Krafft, M. Dietrich (Hrsg.), Handbook on the Economics and Theory of the Firm

Buchbeiträge, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2012, S.448-465

Andreas Reinstaller, Fabian Unterlass, Sectoral Innovation Modes and the State of Economic Development: Implications for Innovation Policy in the New Member States, in: Slavo Radosevic, Anna Kaderabkova (Hrsg.), The Challenge for European Innovation Policy: Cohesion and Excellence viewed from a Schumpeterian Perspective

Buchbeiträge, Edward Elgar Publishing, Aldershot, 2011, S.77-111