The service and administrative staff at WIFO provides the organisational basis, ranging from accounting to dispatch, needed for the smooth operation of a research institute. The staff members also provide important research support services such as data generation, project management and publication of the research results. WIFO service and administrative staff thus play a key role in the achievement of WIFO's strategic goals.

Assistance to the executive management

Executive assistants coordinate the information flow to and from the executive management level.

Membership services and assistence of the directors

Staff in this unit is serving as competent contact points for Full Members, WIFO Sponsors and Golden Sponsors of WIFO.

Public relations

WIFO's public relations department coordinates the media communication of WIFO's research results as well as the professional handling of international and national media inquiries. In addition to traditional communication formats such as events, press conferences, background discussions, press releases as well as guest and discussion contributions, WIFO increasingly uses digital channels for its information activities, such as the Institute's website, regular newsletters and social media.

Staff unit for internal organisation

The staff unit for internal organisation supports the WIFO management team by acting as a link among its strategic issues and by supporting their implementation in project form.


The WIFO library's main task is to support in-house research by providing published information. The library collects empirical and theoretical literature in economic and statistical publications, focusing mainly on contributions covering Austria, OECD and EU countries. The library is providing literature retrieval services, online access to e-jounrnals, and e-statistics and coordinates interlibrary loan services. Holdings are accessible for external visitors as well.

Accounting, payroll services

Accounting and payroll services staff handle and document all payment flows of WIFO. They also have the requisite know-how to draw up typically complex cost reports for international projects.

Data Science and Management

The team "Data Science and Management" provides support for WIFO's Research Groups in terms of data access and database maintenance as well as in the acquisition, processing, analysis and evaluation of large and complex data volumes.

Design and implementation of surveys

A unit of staff members has specialised in designing and implementing surveys and polls, targeting especially enterprises. The WIFO investment and business survey, carried out in cooperation with the European Union, is designed chiefly to yield the latest data on the ongoing business cycle; other surveys are performed within the scope of specific scientific projects, where the questionnaire and survey design are tailored to individual project requirements.

Reception and telephone centre

Staff manning the reception and telephone centre organise the smooth flow of information within WIFO. They keep track of which staff members are present and available, thus ensuring that internal and external caller requests are promptly routed. Open: Monday to Thursday 8:00 to 18:00, Friday 8:00 to 16:00.

Facility management

WIFO's facility management is tasked with building operations, managing energy consumption and allotting the available space at the institute. This encompasses planning and implementing managerial targets in terms of WIFO's engineering infrastructure and space management, planning, implementing and supervising facility projects, including the contracting of suppliers and craftsmen and representing WIFO in matters of building codes or other regulations.

Catering and dining facilty

This facility provides lunch daily for the staff members of WIFO and WSR as well as supplying the meals and refreshments served for meetings and events.

Project database, contract service

Data from the project database are used, i.a., directly for controlling purposes and are also collated and utilised for project applications. Unit staff also support the executive management in their internal project coordination (internal assessment system, project deadlines) and provide competent support to ensure prompt processing of project applications, which are increasingly complex in terms of formal requirements.

Publications and editorial work, subscription office

Both the paper and electronic publications of WIFO are edited by its internal editors. Their integrative approach covers activities from developing the corporate design to style editing of some publications, coordinating translations, layout, production and sale of publications as well as member services and the website administration.

Event management, administration of international projects

WIFO's strategic focus on internationalisation has led to an increase in large, complex international projects with a wide range of formal requirements from the tendering process to reporting responsibilities. The unit handling the administrative side of international project regularly screens and monitors all EU calls for tender, and manages the administrative side of proposal submission.

Copy center and dispatch

The copy center and dispatch unit produces not just all the papers required within WIFO but also manages the the workflow involving printshops. It also handles all the postal dispatch, which includes the mass mailing of the WIFO-Monatsberichte and the surveys carried out at WIFO, and it accepts and distributes incoming mail.