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Weitere Publikationen: René Böheim(9 Treffer)

René Böheim, Thomas Leoni, Firms' Sickness Costs and Workers' Sickness Absences

NBER Working Papers, 2014, (20305), 49 Seiten,
Online seit: 22.04.2015 13:33

René Böheim, Thomas Horvath, Rudolf Winter-Ebmer, Great expectations: Past wages and unemployment durations

Decomposing wages into worker and firm wage components, we find that firm-fixed components are sizeable parts of workers' wages. If workers can only imperfectly observe the extent of firm-fixed components in their wages, they might be misled about the overall wage distribution. Such misperceptions may lead to unjustified high reservation wages, resulting in overly long unemployment durations. We examine the influence of previous wages on unemployment durations for workers after exogenous lay-offs and, using Austrian administrative data, we find that younger workers are, in fact, unemployed longer if they profited from high firm-fixed components in the past. We interpret our findings as evidence for overconfidence generated by imperfectly observed productivity.

Helmut Mahringer, Christine Zulehner, René Böheim, Klemens Himpele, The distribution of the gender pay gap in Austria. Evidence from matched employer-employee data and tax-records

Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre, Arbeitspapier, 2011, (1107), 38 Seiten,

Thomas Leoni, René Böheim, Firms' Moral Hazard in Sickness Absences

IZA Discussion Papers, 2011, (6005)