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Weitere Publikationen der WIFO-Mitarbeiterinnen und -Mitarbeiter

Die umfangreiche Publikationstätigkeit der Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter des WIFO dokumentiert die enge Vernetzung mit der internationalen Scientific Community.

Weitere Publikationen: Klaus Nowotny(8 Treffer)

Jürgen Janger, Klaus Nowotny, Job Choice in Academia

Research Policy, 2016(8), S.1672-1683,
For a newspaper article based on the research article, see Jürgen Janger, Klaus Nowotny, "Job choice is about more than colleagues and money", Research Europe, 28th July 2016, p. 8.

Peter Huber, Klaus Nowotny, The Impact Of Relative Deprivation On Return Intentions Among Potential Migrants And Commuters

Journal of Regional Science, 2016, 56(3), S.471-493
We empirically analyse the impact of relative deprivation on the intended duration of stay of potential cross-border commuters and migrants. A theoretical model lends support to the hypothesis that deprivation affects the intended duration of stay of migrants in a U-shaped fashion, but does not affect potential commuters. Empirical evidence from one of the most densely populated border regions of the EU confirms both these hypotheses. These results are robust over different estimation methods and apply both when measuring deprivation relative to friends and acquaintances as well as relative to the population residing in a region.

Georg Gottholmseder, Klaus Nowotny, Gerald Pruckner, Engelbert Theurl, Stress Perception and Commuting

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