Aktuelle Projekte: Gerhard Streicher(1 Treffer)

Gerhard Streicher (Projektleitung), The Position of Austrian Regions in the Global Value Chain

Forschungsprogramm "Österreich 2025"
WIOD, the World Input-Output Database, contains supply and use tables for 40 countries, along with trade flows for 58 commodities. By disaggregating the information pertaining to "Austria" to the regional level (the 9 Länder) we will be able to assess the respective positions of Austria's regions in the global value chain, thereby identifying opportunities and threats posed by developments in other major economies. The base year for the analysis will be 2011, which will also serve as the base year for our new regional input-output models.
Studie von: Österreichisches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung